Alaska Heli Boarding

Looking for the best Valdez heli boarding experience? Then join Alaska Rendezvous Heli Guides for a premiere experience with outstanding guides. Since the mid-nineties when prominent films featured snowboarders riding the slopes of the Chugach Mountains, interest in heli snowboarding has increased. Each year, we have snow boarding guides on staff who help you have the heli boarding trip of a lifetime.

Why we believe that Valdez and Alaska Rendezvous offers premier Heli snowboarding:

  • We can access three distinct zones covering more than 3,500 square miles of skiable terrain. Other operations have access to as little as 10% of that amount of terrain.
  • The mountains surrounding Valdez have the largest vertical relief of any accessible helicopter terrain in Alaska.
  • Valdez offers the best weather. We average 85% of flyable days — significantly more than other locations.
  • Valdez is the home of the original big mountain ski experience. Our heli boarding guides and pilots are a part of the area’s vast history, bringing you more than 20 years combined experience of flying and traveling safely in the Chugach mountains.

To put it simply, we have more terrain, taller mountains, and better weather, making Valdez the premiere heli boarding location in Alaska.

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